The Armory

Chapter Twenty: The Vault

Part Two: Fireball

The door had some crystals on it and appears to be locked. The middle has some glass. Through the glass, everyone can see a giant crystal in the middle. They attempt to open the door but no luck. Elijah notes that the door has wires on it and cuts them. This makes a giant steel door slam behind the glass one, and sets off some sort of silent alarm. Good job there numb nuts.

The group decides to head left, except Yes who thinks they should head to the right. After seeing that no one is following her, Yes heads to the left. Down this all was a circular room. In this room, two fire ball creatures were floating. Fortunately Yes’ spell was perfect for this kind of battle.

Jorn and Mak charge into the room. Jorn’s spell greatly weakens one fireball. Aja and Yes go after the other fireball. Dink throws some javelins at the first one. Elijah finally uses a spell correctly and starts giving himself and others advantages during the fight. Bayaaz is pretty useless and throws some knives. However at one point he notices a cannon on the other side of the room. He turns it on and a lazer shoots across the room.

The first fireball is defeated. The second one starts to glow a bright orange. Everyone thought it was going to blow up soon! Panic struck and people tried their best to fight it. Yes landed a frost ray blow and greatly hurt the beast. Dink grabbed for his wand that he had and used it. This raised the defense of the monster. Good job. Right before it was about to explode, Aja strikes it with a bow and destroys it. Clutch.

The gang leaves the room, and heads down the hallway that Yes originally wanted to go down. They find a similar room, but this is an octagon shape with some orange glow in the middle. Elijah heads in first and finds pipes along the walls. He suspects a trap. Everyone else goes to fill up the pipes. Bayaaz finds another lazer and uses mage hand to trigger it. The group was not able to fill up all of the pipes in time and purple liquid started to fill up. Everyone bolted to the door and everyone made it out safely.

Bayaaz suggested to take a short rest. Everyone napped for about 30 minutes. Who knows what adventures await them once they wake up.



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