The Armory

Chapter Nineteen: The Vault

Part One: The Long Hallway

The group is unsure how to handle the vault dungeon. Jorn decides to march forward. Mak does as well, but he springs a trap. Fortunately he leaps out of the way. The group moves steadily forward. As they venture on, a gas starts to seep through. Everyone but Elijah and Tanis are effected by it. Aja uses her keen senses to notice that blades may be coming from the walls to try to chop off heads. Everyone starts to crawl to avoid getting their head chopped off. Sure enough, eventually the trap is set off, and no one’s head is chopped off.

The group notices a lever on the far side of the hallway. By the lever appears to be a door, and above it appears to be some sort of large metal plate. Tanis heads over to the lever, prepared to pull it. However, Bayaaz uses his mage hand to beat him to the punch. As the lever is pulled, Tanis’ mask is yanked right off, and his body is knocked unconscious on the floor.

The mask of Tanis reveals himself to actually be Tanis. The body was just a means. He creates a new body out of pure smoke. The rest of the Armory prepares for battle. A plan is hatched between the rogues. If they are able to pull the lever again, the mask can shoot up to the ceiling and be stuck there, making it easier to destroy. The group tries to figure out how to sneak by the mask without getting hurt. Meanwhile, the mask heads over to Jorn and does some serious damage to him, cursing him and making his health stay low for some time.

The body that used to be Tanis wakes up. Distraught he starts to ask what is going on. He has no idea what is happening around him. He hears yells to pull the lever, but before he can (again) Bayaaz rolls his eyes and moves the lever (again). He complains about these kids these days being all stupid and not respecting their elders.

All the metal gets sucked back up to the top. Jorn and Elijah were close enough to get sucked up too. Jorn uses this to his advantage and starts to slam the helmet with his hammer. Elijah fails more spells. After more damage, the body pulls the lever again to let them all down. The mask of Tanis is looking weak. Elijah takes his bow and arrow and delivers a finishing blow to the mask, ending his reign of terror.

The body exclaims that his name is Dink. Dink does not know how he got where he is, but hears of loot and decides to stick with the group for now. They all head to the end of the hallway, Tanis free and all alive. It is time to see if they are able to claim some loot for themselves.



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