The Armory

Chapter Eighteen: Opening the Vault

As the door slams on Elijah, he turns around. Annoyed that his own father does not care about his son, he puts on the badge and gets ready to storm back and break him out himself. Suddenly, he hears the door creak open. An older elf appears and says that Mak always gets into this sort of trouble, and he would be willing to help save him. They both head on down to Herizon HQ.

There, Elijah knocks on the door. A guard opens up, and the older elf transforms himself to look like a captain. The guard lets toe two in. Inside, the older elf introduces himself to Elijah as Bayaaz. The two of them go searching for Mak and Aja. Meanwhile, Mak and Aja have broken out of prison, but the guards have turned into ebola zombies from drinking Aja’s wine. Mak orders Aja to fight off the guards. Between the two of them, the battle is a great success.

After, Mak and Aja bump into Elijah and Bayaaz. Everyone rejoices. Bayaaz smacks Mak in the face for his stupidity. They then head over to the vault, where they see Tanis, Yes, Jorn, and Naraku trying to open it. Using all their collective strength, they manage to open the vault. Naraku opts to stay behind and guard the door.

As they open the door, they hear a lot of bells and whistles. Gears are turning, engineering is happening. The vault door opens to reveal an elaborate dungeon vault created by the finest of gnomes. The group prepares to venture in, where anyone could die by the hands of god.



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